mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Underground - Fête du graphisme - Cité internationale des arts - Paris

L'occasion de voir de belles couvertures et quelques fanzines auxquels j'ai contribué :

Underground. Revues alternatives, une sélection mondiale de 1960 à aujourd’hui.


16 janvier - 8 février 2015

tous les jours de 10h à 19h

 Cité internationale des arts
Une exposition de la Fête du graphisme 2015.
Underground revues alternatives une selection de 1960 a aujourd hui
Underground revues alternatives une selection de 1960 a aujourd hui

lundi 19 janvier 2015

Book Party release in Denver !

February, Friday 13th 
1875 S Broadway, Denver 80210


With MUTINY as the central theme, 35 international, national and local artists have all produced black-and-white original artwork in a wide range of styles. These works of art brut, realism, digital mania, twisted comics, and expressionist filth have been curated and adapted into detailed red/cyan 3D by newest Cabal member Adam Stone.

Featuring silk-screen prints and posters of these anaglyph 3D works accompanied by 3D animated shorts of equal visual noise, hand-painted works created for the event by Cabal members, and THE RELEASE OF THE LIMITED-EDITION HAND-BOUND MUTINY 3D book published byMutiny Information Cafe [3D glasses included]!!

Come check out this world of 3D, and get your hands on a limited-edition piece of the madness!

In addition to works by Cabal members Joshua Finley, Girr, Vincent Cheap, and Mar, the collection includes art by:
Dave 2000, Alkbazz, Crippa Almqvist, Kevin Beaude, Samuel Bell, Nils bertho, Marie Pierre Brunel, Daniel Cantrell, Chrysope, Zeke Clough, François De Jonge, Mathieu Desjardins, Godmachine, Dav Guedin, Daisuke Ichiba, Judex, Jurictus, Wataru Kasahara, Basil Kincaid, Cazzimir Meulemans, NN, David Paleo, Chris PanatierThe Pit, Boris Pramatarov, Sam Rictus, Lucas Ruggieri, Shaltmira, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Gwen Tomahawk, Marc van Elburg, & Luca Villani...

Music pushed through speakers by MelissaMelissaMelissaMelissaMelissa.
Drink provided by Sailor Jerry.